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  • Best Cities in Turkey for Medical Tourism: A Guide for Patients

    Introduction Turkey has become a popular destination for medical tourism in recent years due to its advanced healthcare system, affordable treatment options, and convenient location. With its unique blend of European and Middle Eastern cultures, Turkey is also a great destination for tourists to explore while receiving medical care. In this article, we will discuss […]

  • Exploring the Types of Medical Tourism Available in Turkey

    Introduction: Medical tourism is a growing industry in Turkey, with an estimated 750,000 foreign visitors coming to the country for medical treatment each year. The reasons for this trend include affordable costs, high-quality medical services, and the opportunity to combine medical treatments with tourism activities. This article will explore the types of medical tourism available […]

  • Hair Transplant Turkey – FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey

    Hair Transplant Turkey – FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey

    Have you ever thought about getting a hair transplant in Turkey? If so, then you’re in luck! Hair transplants in Turkey are becoming increasingly popular due to the country’s high-quality medical standards and affordable prices. From follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures to sapphire FUE, Turkish hair transplant surgeons offer a wide range of treatments that […]

  • Where Can You Drive From Istanbul?

    Where Can You Drive From Istanbul?

    Istanbul is located on the coast of the Black Sea and bordered by Bulgaria on the north, Romania on the northeast, Georgia on the east, the Sea of Marmara on the south, and the Mediterranean Sea on the west. All the routes to Istanbul start from the Sea of Marmara. You can also use the […]

  • Can You Do A Day Trip From Istanbul To Cappadocia?

    Can You Do A Day Trip From Istanbul To Cappadocia?

    Cappadocia is one of the most popular destinations in Turkey. Its unique landscape, colored rock formations, cave churches and hot springs make it one of the most picturesque places in the country. The view from the region is incredible and the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. If you want to explore this region from […]

  • What Are The Closest Cities To Istanbul?

    What Are The Closest Cities To Istanbul?

    One of the most popular questions asked about Istanbul is the list of the closest cities to Istanbul. The answer to this question is not simple because there are many factors that can affect the distance between the two cities. The distance between the two cities will depend on the location of the cities. Istanbul […]

  • Which City Of Turkey Is Most Beautiful?

    Which City Of Turkey Is Most Beautiful?

    Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A mix of East and West, it is a combination of the old and new, with Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques lining the streets. It is also home to the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, two of the world’s most famous ancient buildings. Antalya […]

  • How Far Is Konya From Istanbul By Train?

    How Far Is Konya From Istanbul By Train?

    If you are planning to travel from Istanbul to Konya by train, you will have to first book your tickets. Tickets can be reserved on Turkish State Railways official website. You can also book tickets through your local travel agency or booking websites. The distance between Istanbul and Konya by train is about 5km (3mi). […]

  • Is Konya Worth Visiting?

    Is Konya Worth Visiting?

    The ancient city of Konya is one of the most important historical sites in Turkey. It was also the capital of the Seljuk Empire and one of the most important Islamic pilgrimage sites in the world. It has been an important center for Islamic culture for centuries and is also known for its culture and […]

  • What Country Is Konya Today?

    What Country Is Konya Today?

    The region of Anatolia is where Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Iran and Russia are located. The area has a very ancient history of civilization. It is rich in archeological sites and ancient cities, such as Troy, Ephesus, Sardis, Pergamos, Sardis and Ankara. Every city in the region has a special place in the history […]