Is Gaziantep A Kurdish City?

Is Gaziantep a Kurdish city?

Can you guess why I asked this question? No, it is not because you are in any way related to the region. It is because the great majority of the people in this city are Kurds, and the Kurds, as you probably know, are a people who have been discriminated against throughout history. They have been oppressed by the Arabs, the Turks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Persians, the Ottomans, and many others.

Kurds have been living in the area of northern Syria known as Syria since the 13th century.

It is not clear exactly when the region came under Kurdish control. But a Kurdish community is thought to have lived in Gaziantep since the 13th century. The city’s name is thought to mean “Gate of the Gazes” in Arabic.

Many Kurds in Syria are Sunni Muslims, and many are still a part of the officially recognized state of Syria, while others are not.

You might have seen the name of the city in headlines as a possible destination for the thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria. This is because Gaziantep is the main transit point for refugees who are trying to get to the European continent. However, Gaziantep is not a Kurdish city. Although it is the capital of the province of Antep, it is predominantly Sunni with a population of about two million people.

Although some Kurds in Syria do identify as ethnic Kurds, many do not.

Gaziantep is home to a large community of Kurds from Syria. Many of those who fled the conflict in Syria have made their home in this city. However, they are not all Syrian Kurds. Many of those who fled Syria are Arab. As a result, there is no real Kurdish majority in Gaziantep or Turkey as a whole.

It is difficult to determine the exact population of Kurds in Syria because it is difficult to determine how many of them actually identify as Kurds.

The region of Gaziantep is home to large numbers of Kurds, however, it is debatable whether or not it is a Kurdish city. While there are a number of places in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq that are home to large numbers of Kurds, the region of Gaziantep is not one of them. Many of the people of Gaziantep are from the Turkish region of Anatolia, and while they may be of Kurdish origin, they are not all Kurds.

There are two main Kurdish ethnic groups.

In Gaziantep, there are many different cultures and different people live together. There is a very strong Kurdish community here. There are Kurds living in this city since the beginning of the migration. The Kurds are also the main culture.

The first is the Kurmanji Kurds, who are mostly found in northern Iraq and western Iran.

The city of Gaziantep, located in southeastern Turkey, was historically an important center for the ancient Medes and the Assyrians. Today, it is home to many Kurds and is known for its delicious cuisine and its unique architecture. The city, which is also known as the Gate of the Antakya region, has an ancient history and is one of the oldest settlements in the region.

The second is the Sorani Kurds, who are found in northern Iraq, northern Iran, and parts of the Caucasus region of Russia.

Gaziantep is home to various ethnic groups, including the Kurds. The city has a large Kurdish population and is home to many Kurdish organizations. Still, it is not considered a Kurdish city. Many people who live in Gaziantep are of Turkish descent.


The truth is that Gaziantep is not a Kurdish city. The majority of the population is Sunni Muslim (51%), while the minority is Alevi (23%), Armenian (9%), Christian (5%) and Yezidis (1%). Kurds make up only 11% of the population. While the city is home to many Kurds, it is not a city that is predominantly Kurdish.

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