What Can You Do At Night In Turkey?

What can you do at night in Turkey?

At night, you can sleep in a romantic gazelle cave, go for a hot air balloon ride at dawn, or watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea. If you want to discover the quiet side of Turkey, it’s best to go out at night. You can ride a boat through the romantic seas of Turkey or just sit in the quietness of the night and watch the stars sparkle above you.

Go out for drinks.

If you love night life, you can’t really beat Turkey for an evening of fun. You’ll find plenty of clubs, bars, and other nightlife venues in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa and other cities as well as smaller towns like Ereğli, Edirne, and Trabzon. Many of these places are quite sophisticated and host live music or DJs, and you can sometimes catch a belly dance show.

Visit a coffeehouse.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the evening, coffeehouses are the perfect place to hang out. There’s no need to be afraid of the dark here – almost all coffeehouses are open late. Plus, you’ll find plenty of other activities to do, including board games, trivia, music, dancing, and more!

See the nightlife.

If you want to stay out late in Turkey, you can head to the bars and clubs in the city centre. Many of these will host live music, and for a little more fun you can try the discos that are popular in Istanbul. If you’re looking to experience Turkish nightlife away from the busy metropolis, you could take a boat trip to one of the many islands in the Aegean Sea.

Grab a bite to eat.

If you’re looking for something to do after dinner when it’s dark, head to a tea house. You’ll find tea houses in every town and village, and some even have live music. You can enjoy a nice cup of tea while listening to traditional Turkish music or even some instrumental pieces.

Check out the attractions.

This is a great time to visit Turkey for all of its fantastic nightlife! Whether you’re looking for clubs, live music, or just to explore the many restaurants that are open late, you’ll find plenty of options in every town you visit.

End your night with a cafe au lévé.

If you want to continue your evening with a café au lévé, head to one of the many teahouses in Istanbul. These tea houses are very popular in the evening as they’re perfect for relaxing and socializing. If you’re looking for a romantic evening, tea rooms are perfect to enjoy with your partner.

See the lights.

Even if you’re traveling during the winter, you’re in for a treat! At night, the cities are ablaze with lights, especially in the historic areas of Istanbul, such as Sultanahmet and Beyoğlu. You can easily walk around the historic sites and feel like you’re a part of the city’s history. One of the most romantic sights is the “Light Fountain” in Sultanahmet, where you can watch the lights dance off the water.


If you like to take a night hike, head to one of the many popular mountains in Turkey that are perfect for climbing. Or, if you’re looking to learn more about the history of the country, visit one of the many historic sites in the region that give you a chance to learn more about Turkey’s past.

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