What Is Special About Trabzon?

What is special about Trabzon?

Trabzon is a historic city, which is located on the peninsula of the same name. This city is often called the “the jewel of the Black Sea” and is known for its Byzantine and Ottoman architectural styles. Trabzon is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey and is known for its charming and colorful houses, cobblestone streets, mosques, churches, caravanserais and underground tunnels.

Trabzon is the capital of the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Trabzon is the capital of the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is a town which is located at the meeting of three rivers: Gökçü River, Ardan River and Çay. The city is located on the banks of the rivers and has a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The narrow streets of the city are also lined with old stone buildings, which have historical and architectural value.

It has a rich history that has been passed down from generation to generation.

One of the things that makes Trabzon so unique is the diversity of its architecture. From beautiful mosques to stone carvings, the buildings of this city have a distinct beauty that can’t be found in most other locations in Turkey. One popular attraction is the house of Trabzon’s famous poet, Yunus Emre. The courtyard of this house is covered in intricate stone carvings that are said to have been created by a single stone carver.

The city is known for its beautifully preserved architecture and old churches.

From colorful bazaar markets to beautiful mosques, Trabzon offers a diversity of attractions. The city is also home to many charming churches, which date back to the Byzantine era. The most significant is the St. Mary Church, which is often referred to as the Cathedral of Trabzon.

In addition to the churches and old architecture, Trabzon is known for its bakers.

The bakers in Trabzon are known for their delicious breads and pastries. Some of the most popular are lavash, baklava, and böreks (sweet pastries). To make the best baklava, Trabzon bakers use special ingredients like pistachios, almonds, and walnuts.

The city is surrounded by gorgeous green mountains.

The historic town of Trabzon has a lot to offer, such as white stonework architecture, an ancient citadel and an active bazaar. The city is also home to many churches, monasteries, and scenic spots.

You will also find a rich culture in the city that has been passed down through the generations.

The city of Trabzon has a multi-cultural heritage that has been passed down through the generations, and it still remains a vibrant culture today. The city has been home to many different cultures including the Hittites, the Phrygians, the Lydians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Seljuqs, the Ottomans and the Russians. Even today, the city still has a strong sense of diversity and culture from all the different groups that have made their home here.

The cuisine of Trabzon is rich and delicious.

Apart from the delicious food, the diversity of the people is also a reason to visit this amazing part of Turkey. Trabzon is home to many different cultures, and you can even see a few different languages in this city. Armenians, Azeri Turks, Kurds, Greeks and Roma are all represented in this region.


It is said that Trabzon has the most significant collection of mosaics in the world. The mosaics are found on the facades of churches and in the floors of mosques, palaces and houses. The city is one of the few places where the ancient art form of mosaic work is still used.

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