What Is The Most Beautiful Part Of Turkey?

What is the most beautiful part of Turkey?

There are many beautiful places in Turkey. This country is full of different landscapes, seas, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and historical sites. No matter where you travel in Turkey, you will find a beautiful view that will make you want to stop and take some photos.

The coastline

While the coast of Turkey is a popular tourist destination, it is not the only part of the country that is beautiful. The beauty of the Anatolian landscape is something that you can’t see in the coast. It is dotted with mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, and forests. The beauty of this part of Turkey is not just in the landscape, but also in the people and culture.

The gorgeous mountains

Weighing in at around 6,381 meters, Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey and its peak rises up to 5,137 meters from the surrounding plains. Everybody knows about this mountain for its association with Noah’s Ark (more on that later) and the Biblical tale of the flood, but there’s much more to it than that! The Ararat mountain range is home to many less-famous yet equally beautiful peaks and valleys. One of them is the Karasu Valley, which is also known as the ‘Cappadocian Valley’. Cappadocia is a region of Turkey that is famous for its unique landscape. It is a large region of volcanic rock formations created by the eruptions of several volcanoes over the course of millions of years.

The old cities

Every region of Turkey has something special to offer travelers. There is a reason why these cities have managed to hold onto their beauty for centuries – they have great architecture, natural locations, and rich histories. Ankara, Antalya, and Istanbul are among the most beautiful cities in Turkey. If you love historic architecture, you will definitely want to visit the cities on this list. In addition, if you love the outdoors, you will find plenty of opportunities to explore natural beauty in these cities.


You can’t beat the coast! Whether you’re looking for crystal clear waters, colorful underwater landscapes or simply a quiet corner to bask in the sun, Turkey’s coastline is here to satisfy your every wish. The coastline of Turkey is home to some of the best beaches in the world and each one offers something different to discover.

The gorgeous bazaars

The variety of the bazaar shops in Turkey is just mind-boggling. If you love to shop, you will love the bazaars in Turkey. Whether you are looking for traditional goods or modern items, you will find it in the bazaar shops of Turkey. You will find everything from spices, clothes, jewelry, carpets, shoes, leather goods, food, and much more.

The rivers

Turkey’s north-south mountain range holds some of the most stunning scenery in the world. The country’s most beautiful rivers are found along the mountain range, and the Aegean Sea on the coastline is also home to many rivers that can be easily reached by boat.

The wildlife

If you are planning a vacation to Turkey, you will not be able to resist the beauty of the country’s natural scenery. The diversity of Turkey’s landscape is unique and it is definitely worth a visit. In fact, the country is home to about 5,000 different plant species, of which more than 1,500 are endemic species.


The most beautiful part of Turkey is undoubtedly its landscape. The diversity of the landscape, the beauty of the rivers, the variety of the mountains, the endless forests and seas, the sprawling cities and the quiet villages are all stunning. Whether you are planning a trip to Turkey for a romantic getaway or for family, the scenery is sure to capture your heart.

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