What Language Do They Speak In Gaziantep?

What language do they speak in Gaziantep?

Turkish is the primary language spoken in Gaziantep. Arabic is also commonly spoken in the town. Spoken Arabic is not the same as Arabic written in the Arabic script. They use the Arabic dialect called Qiraat.


Despite the fact that Arabs are genetically closer to the Hebrews than to the Turks, the Arabic language is not the first language of most people in Gaziantep. They predominantly speak the Turkish language. However, Arabic is the official language in Syria and Lebanon. So many people in Gaziantep have relatives in these countries that they speak Arabic at home.


The Kurds speak a form of Turkish known as Kurish. It is a Northwest Iranian language that is very similar to Persian.


It’s quite easy to meet Turkmen people in Gaziantep, as they are very open to foreigners. The language they speak is a Turkic dialect similar to Azerbaijani. If you learn this language, you will be able to make friends much more easily with locals.


The majority of people living in Gaziantep speak Turkish. However, the region is home to several varieties of Armenian. The most noticeable of these varieties is the Gegharkunik dialect, which is the sole dialect of Armenian still spoken in Turkey today. Gegharkunik is spoken mainly in the Armenian villages of the Gaziantep region, as well as in a few neighboring villages in Hatay Province.


The native language of the Syrian refugees in Gaziantep is Arabic, but most of them also speak Turkish. Arabic is the primary language in Syria, but the diversity of the Syrian population has created a number of different dialects.


Uzbek is the main language spoken in Uzbekistan, however, there are many other languages spoken in Turkey’s southeastern region. Many of the people in the province are bilingual – speaking Uzbek and Turkish. Additionally, there are also people who speak Azerbaijani, Lezgian, Turkmen, Russian, and Kyrgyz.


You will need to learn some Arabic if you want to live in Gaziantep. The people of Gaziantep are from different parts of the Middle East. Therefore, the Arabic they speak varies greatly from the Arabic of the Levant, Egypt, or Syria. If you are looking to improve your Arabic skills, make sure to learn the Arabic of those who live in and around Gaziantep.


The majority of the population of Gaziantep speaks Turkish. Arabic is also a very important language in the region. However, if you are looking for a more formal setting, you will notice that people will speak German as well. Most Germans who travel to Gaziantep are on vacation, so you will find many Germans speaking perfect German.

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